Tenth Day

Unnamed image (14)After we left Fairlie we drove about 4 hours to Akaroa, a seaside community settled by the French. It was very small and quaint.

Next we drove up to the foothills to hike a section of the Purple Ridge trail. It was so beautiful, in and out of the forest. Also challenging. Mike was a wonderful guide, identifying birds, trees and plants that we had never seen before. We finished the hike about 5:00.

After the hike we headed back to Little River, which we had passed through earlier on our way to Akaroa. Tonight’s lodging is called SiloStay in Little River. It’s one of the most unusual places we’ve run into on this trip.  SiloStay has been designed and built using innovative eco-friendly systems. Wool is the insulation of choice – under floor, in the walls and in the ceiling. Wood pellets, a waste by-product of timber production is used to heat the units in winter. Passive cooling in summer means simply open the hatch at the top of silo. The BioPod  (a silo dedicated to mechanical support) harnesses the energy in the waste  to nourish the worms that break down the waste. Nothing is wasted. All the atmospheric lighting, both within individual silos and the external boardwalks are LED.  Our stay here was very comfortable, rather like being in a ship or light house.

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Today’s travels

Today’s miles: 180        Total miles: 11,059

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