Over the years, Christmas has been a very special celebration for our family. In 2017 Christmas came twice for the Walker family, once in September, and then again in December. In June, when we learned that Michael would be coming home in September, we decided to celebrate Christmas while we were all together.
Mike and Erla, September Christmas 2017Michael and Erla flew into SeaTac on Thursday and spent the night with Betsy in Seattle, then came over with everyone the next day. Betsy and JohnWe had Betsy and her friend, John; Michael and Erla (pronounced Erc-tla), whom he brought home to introduce to the family; and Renee and Adam and their two dogs, so it was a tight fit, but I think everyone had a good time. Everyone stayed for 2 nights. By the time they all left, Bob and I were both exhausted.


After everyone left, Michael called to see if we could meet him at Lake Chelan so we would have a little more time together before he had to fly back to Iceland. I found a very reasonable 2 bedroom condo right on the lake and we had a wonderful visit with them. We went to Leavenworth and Omhe Gardens.Omhe Gardens

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