cropped-img_08901.jpgToday the flowerbeds are a parade of color. Iris and roses are at the head of the parade, blooming with abandon. Most of our flowerbeds are raised and oriented to shelter the plants from the high winds and cold winter temperatures. Rock walls are used retain the soil and moderate the temperature extremes we can expect in this part of the country.

Raised beds faced with rock walls define the driveway.
Each side of the driveway is lined with a rose hedge, ‘Carefree Delight‘ on the east, and ‘Carefree Beauty’ on the west side, with the fenced garden just beyond.
Started from a clipping taken last August, this ‘Carefree Celebration‘ is already showing its colors.
This is ‘Angel Face,’ a floribunda introduced in 1968. I carried a bouquet of Angel Face roses when Bob & I married in 1984. Bob got me this rose bush to mark our 30th anniversary!


‘Coming Storm’, a tall bearded bi-color introduced in 2006.
‘Cafe Blue’, a tall bearded iris introduced in 2001
Rare Quality‘, a tall bearded plicata introduced in 1999

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