A Visit Down Under

In January of 2016 Bob and I started planning our trip to visit our son Mike in New Zealand. This journal is intended to be a daily record of where we went, the wonderful people we met,  and the amazing things we saw and did.

Much of our planning was done online. Our daughter Betsy was our travel agent, introducing us to airbnb.com  and  Booking.com, obtaining passports, and the advantages of TSA Precheck.  She also suggested the overall itinerary:

  1. Drive from Yakima to Seattle, where we would leave the truck and spend the night with Betsy.
  2. Fly from Seattle to Los Angeles,
  3. from Los Angeles to Brisbane, Australia,
  4. then on to Christchurch, New Zealand.
  5. Take the TransAlpine train across New Zealand to Greymouth, where  Mike would pick us up and take us to Fox Glacier, where he works as a glacier guide.

    This photo from the TranzAlpine website shows some of the dramatic landscape we passed through.
  6. Once we joined Mike our itinerary was dependent on the weather. Mike warned us we would have to be flexible if we wanted to dodge the abundant New Zealand rain, which meant we could only book our rooms one day in advance.  Fortunately, he was able to map  out a sunny path for us. Our daily posts will have more detail about our travels with Mike.
  7. After touring the South Island with us, Mike dropped us off at our B&B in Christchurch. He headed back to Fox Glacier and we spent 2 days site seeing Christchurch.
  8. From Christchurch we flew to Sydney, Australia, where we stayed for 2 days.
  9.  We flew from Sydney to Los Angeles
  10. then from Los Angeles to Seattle.
  11. Another night with Betsy, then home to Yakima.

Because our travels took us across so many time zones and the International Date Line, each day’s post will be identified  by its ordinal value, rather than by date.

Click on the map to see our travel schedule.NZTrip

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  1. Recall Terry and Bob planning a family vacation in New Zealand. Then we didn’t hear anything. We were busy moving and making modifications to our new home. Then I checked my Google + account in mid July and low and behold Terry posted a vacation trip down under. Wow! It looks delightful.

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