We set off from Yakima at about 8:30 am on March 8th. We were packed and ready, so there was no last minute dashing. The weather was clear and sunny as we headed out, but became overcast before we reached the summit of Snoqualmie Pass.

Earlier we had made plans to stop for lunch with a friend in Tacoma. Thanks to Google Navigator we made it to the rendezvous just a tad late. We caught up with Rocky, had a good lunch, and were back on the road by 1:30.

Betsy’s office building on ‘Cap Hill’ in Seattle.

We arrived in Seattle at 3:00. We visit Seattle infrequently, but every time we do we are unnerved by the traffic (which may explain the infrequent.)  Bob found a parking place directly in front of Betsy’s office building (pictured above) at 12th and Capitol Hill, and we spent a very interesting and enjoyable afternoon with our daughter, seeing her for the first time in her professional role.

The office



Her office is a high-ceilinged loft on the second floor  of a remodeled industrial building. There is a kitchen at one end of the space and a wall of windows at the other, with lots of room for desks and work spaces in between.  Betsy had to get ready for a meeting, so Bob and I set off to explore the neighborhood on foot. We made plans to meet Betsy_and_Bobup for dinner at the Capitol Hill Elysian. At 5:30 Adam and Renee Hendricksen and a friend of Betsy’s joined us for a marvelous dinner. After dinner Google Navigator came to our rescue once again as we picked our way from Capitol Hill to Betsy’s condo out past the U district. Sleep-over at Betsy’s.

Today’s miles: 150.

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