Landed in Brisbane, Australia at about 7:30 (local time) and made a mad dash through the terminal to catch our connecting flight to Christchurch, New Zealand. Virgin Australia flight 124 from Brisbane took off at about  8:30 am and landed in Christchurch at 3:00 pm on March 11th. During the flight we met two sisters from Australia on their way to NZ as part of a tour group. Judy and Helen are twins. Judy assured us that she is not the evil twin. Our flight took nearly 4 hours, so we had time for an enjoyable visit with them.

When we left LAX it was around 11:00 pm on March 9th. As we crossed the Pacific time and dates got scrambled. When we got off the plane in Christchurch, New Zealand, our wrist watches and internal clocks told us it was 6:00 in the evening of Thursday, March 10th.  After spending  19 hours traveling we stepped off the airplane a day ahead of ourselves. It was 3:00 in the afternoon of March 11th in Christchurch.


We took a shuttle from the airport to the B&B we had booked. Addington B&B was a wonderful place to be after a long flight. The owner, Terre Kinto, is a natural host. He always seemed to know just how to solve traveler’s problems and how to make his guests feel relaxed and welcomed. We were only going to be staying overnight, but we made reservations to stay here again on our way back home. We highly recommend Addington Bed & Breakfast.

Today’s miles: 8,729     Total miles: 9,835

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