We left the Nook by 10:00 this morning and began driving south to our next destination. Mike has a busy day planned for us. We are going to a museum in Arrowtown, then paying a visit to Queenstown. Our final stop today will be tonight’s B&B, Milestone Cottage on Lake Hayes.

Arrowtown Junction is what remains of the center of an 1880s era gold rush town. It is also one of the regions used for filming Lord of the Rings.  The town reminds me somehow of Seaside, Oregon. Perhaps it is the laid back, informal vibe. The museum we visited focused on the gold rush period.

They also had a more contemporary exhibit about NZ currency. Their bills are made of polyester and their coins are large and hefty.NZD


Next stop was Queenstown, where we visited Queenstown Botanic Garden on Lake Wakatipu. It was autumn when we visited, so not too much was in bloom, but the park itself was lovely. The park also includes an ice skating rink, a lawn bowling club, and a public beach.

Milestone Cottage, where we stayed overnight, was very nice.

Today’s travelsCottageMap

Today’s miles: 60    Total miles: 10,339

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