Cottage2Our day started at The Cottage on Lake Hayes. We left the Cottage at about 9:00. Drove back to Queenstown to see the Botanical Gardens. We also took a cool morning stroll on the waterfront walk. Then we were back on the road. We stopped for lunch in Te Anau at noon, followed by a bit of shopping. I have discovered that I did not bring enough cold weather clothing, so I picked up a warm hoodie.

Cottage to Te Anau
Started out from the Cottage and drove to Te Anau.
From Te Anau out to Milford Sound, then back again to Te Anau.

Milford sound cruise


Click here to see more photos of our cruise of Milford Sound.

After the cruise we went back to Te Anau to find the place we had booked online. It was called Distinction Hotel. It was anything but- more like a Polynesian Motel 6. Inside was better kept than the outside and the staff were very nice, so we had a comfortable stay.





This is the hotel parking lot. The rock wall shown here  is very common throughout the areas we traveled. It’s built of  native schist, which is so oblong and flat that it almost looks as if it’s been manufactured. It makes a beautiful wall face.


Today’s miles: 255    Total miles: 10,594

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