Sacred Heart Parish in CChurch NZ This morning Bob and I attended Palm Sunday mass at Sacred Heart parish, just a short walk away from Addington B&B. It was a beautiful sunny day, so we were able to walk. The liturgy reflected Maori cultural influences, with some of the service in the Maori language.




After mass we stopped at Cafe Prague for lunch, then decided to walk to Cathedral Square, less than a mile away. Part of our walk was through the beautiful colonnade of linden trees shown above.

As we walked to Cathedral Square we were repeatedly reminded of the earthquakes of 2011 by badly damaged buildings, vacant lots in the middle of the business district,  and abandoned buildings sequestered behind chain link fences. The earthquakes were 5 years ago and the city is still in tatters. The earthquake was recorded as a magnitude 7.1, but reached magnitude 9 at its epicenter. Extensive vertical and horizontal ground movement resulted in soil liquification. Locals describing the event told us that there were areas where the ground oozed a brown sticky goo.

Front of Anglican cathedral destroyed in earthquake
Container Mall in CChurch
Downtown shops temporarily housed in containers.

RestartUnnamed image (4)

Remains of the Anglican Cathedral destroyed in the 2011 earthquake.

After the destruction of the iconic cathedral,  the Anglican diocese had a transitional cathedral built.  Part of the importance of the Transitional Cathedral is that it was the first non- commercial structure to be built in the city center after the earthquakes. It has come to be known as The Cardboard Cathedral because it uses cardboard as a structural material. The roof rafters are heavy paper tubes sheathed with polycarbonate sheets similar to those used for greenhouses.The interior of the cathedral is filled with natural light.

Front side of the Cardboard Cathedral

The interior of the new cathedral is filled with natural light. Even so, it has a very austere feel.

Cardboard tube rafters sheathed with polycarbonate panels

The exterior of the Cardboard Cathedral has simple, even elegant lines. Note the vacant lots surrounding the new cathedral.

Exterior. Note the vacant lots surrounding the new cathedral.


Here is a link to a page that shows before and after   images of the city. 

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