Thirteenth Day

We’re off to Sydney. We took VIRGIN AUSTRALIA INTL 133 from Christchurch NZ to Sydney, AU. Terre got up at 4:30 to make us breakfast and then drove us to the airport for our 6:30 flight.

TankStream When we landed in Sydney we took  a shuttle to our hotel, The Tank Stream, which was located in the central district. The shuttle driver seemed to be having difficulty finding the hotel. He kept circling around some very seedy looking places. Bob and I looked at each other, both thinking “What kind of place have we booked?” Finally, after almost an hour, the driver found the hotel. We were both relieved to see that it was quite a nice looking place.

The Tank Stream is an older building that has been redone as a hotel. Because the building has heritage status, the owners could not expand the footstep. So instead of making the building larger, they made each room smaller than a standard hotel room because it was the only way they could fit enough units into the project to make it economically feasible. The room was small, but well designed and well appointed. There was room to walk around the bed, a desk and closet at the foot of the bed, and a very nice adjoining bath. Best of all, The Tank Stream was located within walking distance of the Botanical Gardens, the New South Wales Central Library, The Opera House, and The Rocks.

It was raining when we arrived.  After we got settled in the room we went out to get some lunch, then returned to the hotel to make plans for tomorrow. Later, I went out on my own to visit the Customs House branch of the City of Sydney Libraries.


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Today’s miles: 1,330     Total miles: 12,432

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