Fourteenth Day

The rain has past by and the skies have cleared, so this morning Bob and I set out on foot to see what we could of Sydney. Turned out we saw quite a lot. The red line shows our travels that day.

First we went to the historic district known as The Rocks. We just took a quick look around, then headed back to Circular Quay, out to the Opera House, then through the Botanical Gardens, which bordered the campus of the State Library of New South Wales. We spent about an hour and a half touring the library, then headed back to the historic district for some shopping and lunch.


Some of the older buildings in the historic district.

Sydney Botanical Gardens

Lorikeet – common as pigeons here.
Royal Bot001
The Sydney Bridge  and  Opera House seen from the Royal Botanical Gardens


White Ibis cleans up in the park
Bob takes a break



New South Wales State Library

Circular Quay  showing the Museum of Contemporary Art in the center and Sydney Bridge in the upper right.NSW Quay

We ate lunch at the restaurant  on the left in the picture below. I no longer remember it’s name, but the food was very good. What I do remember are the rainbow lorikeets and myna birds hoping around our feet.


Today’s miles: 5            Total miles: 12,432

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