Sixteenth Day

SeaTacDragon (1)We started our day at Los Angeles International Airport. We left LAX on Delta 199 at 8:40 am and arrived in Seattle just before noon. This charming fellow below was on hand to greet us. After we picked up our luggage we tried to call Betsy. I discovered my phone wouldn’t place calls and Bob’s wasn’t charged. It was raining (it was Seattle, after all), and we were so.o.o tired.  I used my phone to send Betsy a text, then we went out to the pickup area to wait.  After I saw the madhouse traffic outside I wished we had taken a shuttle into Seattle, rather than putting Betsy through the difficulty of wading through the knot of cars, buses and vans that perpetually filled the loading zone. I tried texting her again, but to no avail. So we waited at the curb until she was able to reach us. Soon enough we were greeting and hugging her. Betsy took us to her place where I promptly grabbed a long delayed nap.



Later that evening we all went out to the most marvelous restaurant, Mamma Melina  Ristorante.     The quiet atmosphere, excellent service and  delicious meals were the perfect antidote for jet-lagged travelers. After a relaxing dinner Betsy took us back to her place. Bob wanted to get everything packed up and ready to go early tomorrow morning. He also started our truck (just to make sure it would start  in the morning), which had been parked at Betsy’s while we were gone.


Today’s miles: 956     Total miles: 20,878

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