SpringPhloxOur day started in Seattle at Betsy’s place, where we spent the night. We were up early and on the road back to Yakima before the morning commuters’  rush hour. We stopped for breakfast at North Bend and were home before noon. So good to be back.


When  we left Yakima on March 8th it was 32º and the garden was still asleep. It was 60º  when we arrived home, with hints of spring color. Today (April 9th) it got up to 85º! We have both spent time working in the yard, trying to catch up with the weeds.  Bob is also busy in the greenhouse setting up seed trays.
This year everything is blooming out earlier than usual. Lilacs that we normally wouldn’t see until May are well along. Tulips and daffodils are nearly gone. The apple orchards are all in bloom, as well.

Unpacking and putting things away is finished. Our daily routines have returned to their pre-New Zealand norm.  The vacation is over, but we still have these photos  to remind us of our incredible visit with Mike down under .  My final “putting away our vacation” gesture was to take the schist rocks I carried home in my luggage out to the rock wall and find the perfect spot to place these reminders of our New Zealand adventure.


Today’s miles:  150          Total miles: 21,028

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3 thoughts on “Seventeenth Day

  1. Wow again! It looks like you had a blast. I may have to put New Zealand higher on my travel list.

    1. Bill, Please let me know how/why it was difficult to view the site. I have revised the layout to make it more intuitive. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks, Terry

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